How long will my tent remain waterproof? 

It all depends on several factors, how long is your tent pitched at a time. Where is your tent pitched, how much rain has your tent endured during each pitch. If your tent is pitched on a hill or at a costal location for long periods of time or throughout the entire camping season. It is likely that you will need to reproof your tent yearly with our recommended reproofing solution.

If you are a casual camper who camps regulary for a week or so at a time and maybe slightly unlucky with the weather on each trip. Your tent will last 2-3 years without the need to reproof it.

In a nutshell, your new Bell Tent will very much work with you giving off signs of when it may need a little TLC. Slightly tired looking canvas, small drips of water coming through in intense down pours are tell tale signs that you may need to reproof your tent.  Like a car, a general service every 1-2 years for well used Bell Tents will help to keep your Bell Tent in tip top condition.

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