About The Bell Tents

  • Are your tents waterproof?

    YES. Our tents are 100% waterproof and have been treated during our factory processing. No further waterproof treatment will be required for a while.
  • Can a Bell Tent be put up by one person?

    Yes, all of our Bell Tents can be put up by one person. The XL Bell Tents are easier to put up with two people, however can still be put up by one person.
  • Can I un-zip the groundsheet and roll up the sides?

    Yes, all our tents have a zipped groundsheet that can be unzipped and rolled up when required.
  • Can I use a stove in my tent?

    All of our tents come stove ready with a stove hole pre cut in the front quarter of the tent.  We sell two types of tents, fire retardant and none fire retardant. All tents have an extra fireproof fabric layer around the stove hole positioning to help protect the main canvas from exposure to hea...
  • How do I reproof my tent?

    We recommed a solution called Nikwax. Nikwax is wax based waterproofing solution which is less harmful then the likes of fabsil. Nixwax is great as it can easily be applied by spraying on or washing into the your tent canvas. Find Nixwax here. 
  • How long does it take to put up a Bell Tent?

    Depending on the size of the tent, it can take anywhere from 10 – 20 mins.
  • How long will my tent remain waterproof? 

    It all depends on several factors, how long is your tent pitched at a time. Where is your tent pitched, how much rain has your tent endured during each pitch. If your tent is pitched on a hill or at a costal location for long periods of time or throughout the entire camping season. It is likely t...
  • I want to order multiple tents, can I receive discount?

    Yes, we do offer some discount for larger orders. Please contact us directly to be included as a partner for wholesale discounts.
  • What Bell Tent do you recommend for a large family of 4+?

    We recommend buying our XL Bell Tents for large families. Our XL Bell Tents are far more spacious than a standard Bell Tent.
  • What safety advise do you have for using a stove, wood burner in my tent?

    Always have a fire extinsher to hand. Keep a blade close to you allowing you to cut your way out of the tent should the exit become blocked in an emergency. Always have a fire alarm and carbon monoxide detector in your tent. Never leave stoves on whilst asleep or unoccupied. Always put the stove ...
  • Where can I see your tents?

    We do not currently have a showroom at our warehouse however do have an outdoor location in Nottingham where you can see our tents. Viewing can be arranged by appointment. Contact us to book your appointment.
  • Who are Bell Tent Village?

    Bell Tent Village Luxurious Camping For Life Bell Tent Village is an UK based company whose mission is to provide unique luxury outdoor living for outdoor enthusiasts, glampers and campers all over the world. Find out more about us here...
  • Why are your Bell Tents cheaper than other sellers?

    We operate a smart and efficient operation here at Bell Tent Village which enables us to save massively on production and supply costs. For example instead of opting for giant indoor showrooms, you can simply pop down to any of our partner glamping sites dotted around the UK to view one of our Be...
  • Why should I buy a Bell Tent from Bell Tent Village?

    We are continuously improving the quality of our tents year on year. We continoue to create amazing looking tents that host a range of clever features and perks.  Like having an electrical inlet and stove hole as standard in all our tents. Check out the new XL Bell Tent which has been designed to...